Connect the Dots

Connect the dots exercises are a great activity that have amazing benefits in many different areas of your child’s development. Moreover, kids love them so make sure to keep a few dot to dot worksheets handy at all times.

Connect the dots for beginners

Connect the dots and answer (advanced)

The dot to dot worksheets greatly improve hand-eye coordination as kids will concentrate to trace the lines correctly. Obviously they are great to improve counting skills as kids will need to know the correct way. Some worksheets will have letters instead of numbers as they will improve alphabet skills.

Tracing lines is an activity that will develop and strengthen your child’s pencil grip and fine motor skills. Kids will naturally learn to strengthen their hands in order to move the pencil. These worksheets are a great pre-writing tool.

Lastly the picture comprehension is developed too and completing a dot to dot puzzle that reveals a picture will give kids a sense of fulfillment.

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