The kindergarten worksheets on this site are divided by area of study: math and numbers; letters and words; auditory processing; fine motor skills etc. Within each area, there are numerous categories which are designed to reflect what a kindergarten curriculum for that particular area might entail.


Number Formation 0-4

Math Basics

Gain basic math skills such as learning the numbers, counting to 100, sorting and classifying, and creating and identifying patterns.

Identifying Letters (3) Intermediate

Alphabet Basics

Learn the letters of the alphabet, including how to identify each letter in print, how to write each letter, and what sound each letter makes.

Identifying Words 3

Reading Skills

Practice critical pre-reading skills such as matching letters with their sounds, learning sight words, identifying rhyming words, and identifying words in a sentence.

Cutting Shapes Advanced

Fine Motor Skills

Strengthen the pincer grip and foster development of the scissors grip through tracing and cutting activities, critical precursor to writing letters and numbers.

Worksheets are a great way to help children practice a certain skill set or to supplement a lesson. They are an engaging and productive way for children in kindergarten to cement their knowledge of the given topic. They also allow children to work at their own pace, since each child could work quietly.

Kindergarten worksheets are not just for kindergarten-aged children

These sets of worksheets were designed with kindergarten aged children in mind but they are not used exclusively by them. If your preschool students are ready for lessons on bar graphing or cutting curves lines, for example, you should certainly not be deterred from using these “kindergarten worksheets” for your preschool children. Likewise, if your first grade students are learning to count to 100 or how to write the letters, these worksheets would be great for those students also.

Regardless of your child’s age and what level in school he either is in already or will soon be starting, if you believe he is ready to learn a new concept, then you should freely print the kindergarten worksheets you are interested in without wondering whether your child is too old or too young to be doing “kindergarten” work. That is the true benefit of working with your child at home – you can tailor each activity to your child’s specific skill set.

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