Chicken Coloring Pages

Hen coloring page

Enjoy our collection of free printable chicken coloring pages and let your kids to have fun while coloring and practice basic skills.

Animal Coloring Pages

Frog Coloring Page

Improve motor skills, focus and hand-eye coordination, stimulate creativity practice color recognition with these free printable coloring pages.

Learning Numbers

Learn Number 5

Learn how to recognize each number and the amount each number represents. Practice counting and number order.

Solving Mazes

Hare Maze

Practice problem solving skills like planning or brainstorming strategies and develop visual perception by solving this fun mazes.

Connect the Dots

Connect the dots BUTTERFLY

Develop hand-eye coordination, practice counting and drawing skills and introduce your child to handwriting with connecting the dots worksheets.

Words in a Sentence

Identifying words 2

Become familiar with how words combine to form a sentence. See the role of punctuation marks and capitalization.

Word Families

Word Families 8

Learn to identify common letter combinations, which increases reading speed and comfort. Create each word family slider by cutting along the dashed lines on the large card and inserting a letter strip.

Similar Words

Identifying words 6

Learn to look at each word carefully and distinguish it from similar (but different) words through practice comparing different words.

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