Fine Motor Skills

Chicken Coloring Pages

Hen coloring page

Enjoy our collection of free printable chicken coloring pages and let your kids to have fun while coloring and practice basic skills.

Animal Coloring Pages

Frog Coloring Page

Improve motor skills, focus and hand-eye coordination, stimulate creativity practice color recognition with these free printable coloring pages.

Connect the Dots

Connect the dots BUTTERFLY

Develop hand-eye coordination, practice counting and drawing skills and introduce your child to handwriting with connecting the dots worksheets.

Tracing Letters

Tracing Uppercase A

Direct your child to hold the pencil firmly between his thumb and index finger, resting it on his middle finger for support. The arrows indicate the proper and easiest construction of the letter.

Tracing Lines

Tracing Lines (5)

Develop a strong pencil grip and practice moving the pencil in deliberate ways by tracing over short lines and curves.

Cutting Skills

Cutting Lines (5)

Hone important cutting skills by cutting lines and curves as well as cutting out complex shapes. Practice cutting will help develop strong hand muscles, critical for all fine motor activities.

Tracing Numbers

Number Formation 0-4

Learn how to write each numeral 0 to 9 through engaging number tracing worksheets. Trace the dashed-line numerals then practice writing the numerals freehand.

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