Learning Colors

Colors are all around us. And young children, in particular, are especially adept at searching for and identifying different colors. Since color words are often used to describe the many different things we see in our environment, knowing all of the color words will help your child express himself more clearly.

Grouping pictures or items by color is one of the simplest classification systems available to young children, since color is such an obvious attribute. Identifying colors worksheets will challenge your child to rely on strong visual discrimination skills to group items by major color group.

Also, it is important for young children to learn the proper name for each color. Once they know the name for each color, they can more accurately describe the things they see and they can better understand when others describe things to them. The matching colors worksheets will introduce your child to the name of each color by asking him to match each printed color word with a picture that contains that color.

Tips for using the color worksheets to learn colors

The easiest way for children to learn colors is to begin with one color at a time. Say aloud the name of the color featured on one color worksheet and have your child repeat after you. Each color word is printed in the corresponding color. While some children may discover this on their own, be sure to point it out to your child if he does not initially realize it.

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