visual discrimination

Matching Pictures to Shadows

Matching Shadows Beginners 2

Draw a line between each picture and its shadow. Direct your child to focus on details such as curves or angles in the outline of each full-color picture.

Identifying Letters

Identifying Letters (1)

Strengthen visual discrimination skills by identifying letters from a collection of letters, numbers, and symbols.

Learning Colors

Identifying Colors (3)

Teach your child the colors and help him identify and match colors in pictures. Colors are all around us. And young children, in particular, are especially adept at searching for and identifying different colors.

Distinguishing Different Sizes

Distinguishing Different Sizes 2

Practice visual discrimination skills by distinguishing between the same picture in different sizes. Young children learn through observation.

Identify Identical Picture

Identifying Identical Pictures (7)

Many letters (such as B and P or J and L) appear very similar and only differ in a small way. The following worksheets challeng. Practice visual discrimination skills by identifying identical pictures from a group.

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